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Viral Video Posting

There are a lot of video sharing sites around. You're sure to have heard about YouTube, Revver or Dailymotion, but there are many others competing to be the number one, or targeting a specific audience, whether geographically (China, Japan, Turkey…), by language (German, Arabic, French…) or for the kind of content they enable to publish (cooking, planes, extreme sports…). Your video will not be lost in the middle of hundreds of thousands of others. Your video will be seen by people more interested by it (and you can still publish it on the top sharing sites at the same time). Many video search engines send out crawlers to index media content on the web, just like the regular search engines do for text content. Our experienced marketers will manually upload videos to the major free hosting sites. These viral videos generate massive free traffic and top search engine results within 48 hours!

What will we do for you?
1. We will handle the creation of new email accounts for registration.
2. We will handle the Video sites Registration and accounts Verification process.
3. We will research and suggest Keyword (Tags) to increase views.
4. We will manually upload the videos (or use the provided embedded codes).
5. We will promote the video and drive targeted traffic.
6. We will supply you with posted URLs/info (excel sheet, pdf and/or txt file, with complete login details and uploaded video URL).

Video File Formats
We accept any kind of video file formats,
We recommend AVI, MPG, MPEG, MOV, WMV, DivX, XviD, FLV, MP4 formats as these are the most used file formats.
If the video is already uploaded to any of the major video platforms, you can also provide the embedded video code.

*Video promotions have specific rules, regulations and limitations. We know from experience you will be wasting your money and/or get your video compromised unless you are doing legitimate promotional work. Please be safe and only use Capacity Productions.

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