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These are the promotions to increase your website's traffic and search engine ranking. You pick the keywords and we help you rise up in the rankings! Whatever word or phrase you want your site to come up in search engines for, we'll target! We have the best and most affordable methods to increase your SEO. We promote your link and information on thousands of sites, forums, blogs, social bookmarking sites and more! These are one-way links and bookmarks on high traffic sites, guaranteed to help your site's search results. We target the keywords you want to ensure your site comes up in search engines before your competitors! We also can submit your site to ALL major search engines!!! The more we promote you, the more your website becomes famous! Some say in the Current SEO world today Backlinks are the backbone of determaining where your Website, Video, Blog or any other type of content will be positioned in Google and all major Search Engines. Every time a link to your page is posted anywhere on the internet it is recorded by all search engines. The more your link is out there this shows that your page is popular. If a link to your page is being posted every where then it must have some interesting content on it. The meaning of our of our Submission Services are not only for Link Building reasons but also for exposure as well. Yes the more Backlinks you have the better chance that your page will be indexed higher in search engines but this Submissions there selves could over ride your site completly and be found easier the page Internet source you are trying to drive people to. Backlinks are effective in different means determaining the type of site it is on. If you have a Backlink on a very high Ranked site then that Backlink will give you more push then one on a site with lower ranking. The key to it is the more the better. We can personally explode your Ranking with these services alone. You can Link Build Websites, Videos, Blogs, or anything that you are trying to get Ranked. This will drive SEO Traffic in the Backend plus drive targeted traffic in the front end. Your Site or Videos Ranking has to have some sort of Link Submission or it will not be Optimized Correctly!

Search engine Submissions!
Have your website submitted to all major 70+ search engines! (google, yahoo, bing, etc.)
Give us your url to the website you want submitted.
We'll review the subject matter, set up the search engine submissions and submit them to 70+ of the top search engines!
We'll even check your site for the correct meta tagging, keywords, etc. for Free!

*SEO promoting and backlinking has specific rules, regulations and limitations to gain beneficial results and NOT hurt ranking. We know from experience you will be wasting your money and/or get your page compromised unless you are doing legitimate promotional work. Please be safe and only use Capacity Productions.

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