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Band Pitfalls Volume 1: The Top 50 Ways to Annoy Clubs
If you or your band hasn't been asked back to play again at your local venue(s),
if you can't get booked on a weekend night or favorable time slot, or if you can't get booked at all.

Band Pitfalls Volume 1: The Top 50 Ways to Annoy Clubs will offer some insight as to why.
As a talent buyer/coordinator for several leading live music venues for nearly a decade,
the author takes you to the inside of the club's office, giving you an insight of what clubs see on a daily basis.

In this 20-page PDF e-booklet, the author doesn't sugarcoat anything.
Instead, he bluntly, and sometimes humorously, describes his observations over the years.
This booklet offers a much more realistic viewpoint, as opposed to the typical fluff you may have read elsewhere.

Band Pitfalls Volume 1: The Top 50 Ways to Annoy Clubs - for $8
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